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Hood Over Hollywood (The beauty standards from the girl next door), began in 2015 as a mere idea from Facebook postings. Today we are in the business of publishing, advertising, and marketing. We sell nothing, other than access to our audience to those who approach us for paid promotions. We on the other hand, are actively seeking to network with those who offer services, as models, apparel, beauty products, or accessories, to provide them with free access to our audience. On Pinterest, we have over 100,000 monthly views; on Facebook, we have over 1 million monthly views. In August of 2020, we decided to open a Reddit account for two reasons. Number one, we believe Reddit has a certain search engine gravitas that will help get our Publications listed in search. Number two, Reddit is a place where passionate conversations take place, and that includes fashion. Our current predicament, we don’t have fashion writers. This predicament could be resolved by simply going to online services to hire writers. We don’t want to do that. This fact has not hurt our brand in attracting interest in it. We make ourselves out to be an anti-establishment brand, and would prefer to build non established writers into becoming established writers; so our preference is to work with aspiring fashion writers/bloggers.

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HOOD OVER HOLLYWOOD Daily http://news.hoodoverhollywood.com/#/

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700 Best Hood Over Hollywood images in 2021 on Pinterest| Beauty standards, Girl next door, Consortium https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pinterest.com/amp/darealprisonart/hood-over-hollywood/

Hood Over Hollywood [Facebook Page] https://www.facebook.com/HoodOverHollywood/

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HOOD OVER HOLLYWOOD [Facebook Group] https://www.facebook.com/groups/hoodoverhollywood

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